Lauren Cole is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer current based in Baltimore, Maryland. She recently graduated in 2023 from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Communications Design with an emphasis in Illustration. She is currently available for illustration and design work.
Her work combines modern and retro aesthetic sensibilities to illustrate scenes inspired by history, mythology, and everyday adventures. The research-oriented process of her work allows her to imbue these scenes with ornate detail. She is passionate about a variety of formats, including books, zines, posters, and card games. Though much of her illustration and design work is digital, she enjoys exploring printmaking methods such as Risograph and Silkscreen to enhance them with the unique properties of physical media.
When she isn’t sketching new ideas or finding the perfect font, Lauren enjoys playing ttrpgs with friends, trying exciting new drinks from local coffee shops, and learning how to crochet.
You can find more of her work, process videos, and more on InstagramTikTok, and Tumblr.
For professional inquiries, please feel free to reach out to
Selected Awards: Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Show 2023
Selected Clients: Starbucks, Amplify Education, Iteratio Academic Journal

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